We’re working hard on the Android version of Flash Force and expect public release in just a few weeks. I wanted to take this opportunity and tour the Android app. Functionality is intended to duplicate that of the iOS version. Both applications will be updated to mirror each other in the future. We do not have plans to test or preview features on one version over the other.

The Android home screen is composed of familiar Flash Force elements.


Users can select Browse to select from over 700 available Flashes at launch. Over 1,000 Flashes are anticipated by year end (stay tuned!).

This is one place where the two versions, iOS and Android, may be just 99% similar. Apple and Android do not always offer a parity of emojis. We attempt to use as many emojis as possible – we think it dresses up the app and it helps non-native speakers to select a Flash category using a familiar symbol. New versions of iOS sometimes feature new emojis not yet featured on Android, and visa versa. We hope to eventually use emojis for all flashes.


Here I have select the American Pro Football category. Users can select from a list of cities, just like on iOS.



Once a user selects a Flash they can click the “Home” area near the bottom to switch outfits. Many teams have Alternate and Throwback outfits available, just like on iOS. Colors are the same across both versions. We cannot guarantee that all phones will produce a given color with 100% accuracy, but in our testing our Android device colors are indistinguishable from their iPhone counterparts.


The entire list of international National Soccer teams is also available on Android, complete with its Emojis. Once again, this is an area where emojis are not 100% the same between the two operating systems. We would like to urge Google to keep pace with iOS in this regard. All but just a few countries are represented with their emoji flag. If your flag is not present, it’s not because we don’t like you! As soon as further flag emojis are integrated into Android, they will be added to Flash Force.



Users will also have the opportunity to use Free and Seasonal Flashes, just like on iOS. We are proud supporters of the American Armed Forces, and our veterans, and the Flashes for Arm, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard will always be free.


Screenshot_20160302-190625 (1)

Of course activating a Flash is still done in the same method: hit Flash and form a Force! iPhone and Android devices share a common heartbeat, and change in sync. So don’t be afraid to reach across the aisle!


Keep Flashing