We are proud to announce the Android version of Flash Force is available on the Google Play Store (and has already gone through seven stealthy updates).

Android users are benefiting from months of iOS users guinea pigging Flash Force (those suckers!). In all seriousness, however, the Android version includes all the great features iPhone users have come to know and enjoy:

  • Over 700 team and event flashes
  • Flash Force’s Heartbeat that syncs any number of devices
  • The ability to switch between Home, Away, and Alternate outfits for many teams
  • Free Flashes including the US Armed Forces
  • The ability to quickly access owned Flashes through the My Flashes menu
  • Main screen icon that displays Heartbeat status
  • The ability to fire up and begin from anywhere in the world with an Internet Connection

We are having a lot of fun this week playing with the Android version. In house we use Google Nexus 5 devices for all of our testing – and we are happy to report they are working great.


The Nexus 5 running the Android version is very snappy, and quick to navigate to our favorite options. Here is the Android verison playing along nicely with an iPhone. This was on first bootup for all three of these phones- no manual sync or tricks.

Posted by Flash Force on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Every device running Flash Force uses the same color templates – meaning all modern smartphones should display colors accurately. We want to make it as easy as possible to form a giant wall of color at your next game.

Of course the Android version doesn’t leave out International Soccer, which can double as National Flags. With the 2016 Olympics on the horizon, we want to make sure everyone around the world has a chance to wave their colors.
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