The Way Forward

Thank you for visiting our site. Just writing that feels unauthentic. Not because I don’t mean it…because I do in a way you will never understand (unless you are also a hopeless passionate indie developer). I mean that everyone says it, like “welcome aboard when you hop on a commercial flight” or any number of practiced greetings at bars and restaurants. We at Flash Force want to come across better than that. We really appreciate if you downloaded our product, and nothing would mean more to us than feedback. We won’t even get mad if its negative! (Well, one of

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The Flash Force Idea

We love sports, but we don’t love $20-50 merchandise – you know…the foam fingers and all that. Flash Force is positive though so let’s keep it that way; we love sports, and more than we dislike expensive fan gear, we love small sports. By small I don’t mean slot car racing and goldfish betting (although those are both great), but local sports. The Flash Force team, just like any group bound by an idea, sometimes disagree – not pots-and-pans-throwing, walkout type disagreements, but the talk-it-out sort. We try to keep it civilized…for sports fans. We each like and dislike different

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Flash Force 1.05 Release

Flash Force version 1.05 is now available for download on the Apple iTunes App Store. The new version incorporates additional flashes, performance improvements, and aesthetic changes. We apologize for the inconvenience. Flash Force 1.05 crucially changes how Flash Force accesses and updates the growing list of Flashes. This means that existing users will need to delete the application, and re-download from the App Store. An upcoming version, expected 1.06, will change how Flash Force updates for future releases. The new version incorporates additional Soccer teams, US-based political causes and parties, and several California High Schools (the team’s home market). Users

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