Flash Force version 1.05 is now available for download on the Apple iTunes App Store. The new version incorporates additional flashes, performance improvements, and aesthetic changes.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Flash Force 1.05 crucially changes how Flash Force accesses and updates the growing list of Flashes. This means that existing users will need to delete the application, and re-download from the App Store. An upcoming version, expected 1.06, will change how Flash Force updates for future releases.

The new version incorporates additional Soccer teams, US-based political causes and parties, and several California High Schools (the team’s home market). Users looking to access the California High Schools from the main menu will first Browse, then Schools, then California High Schools. Once this is selected they can select additional schools from the main screen under the outfit selector. The outfit selector, normally used to select a Home or Away outfit for a professional team, doubles as an additional navigation point where schools are concerned.


The new version also includes a new category labeled “USA Causes.” We hope to integrate causes, and major political parties, for many other nations in the coming year. This category currently includes the US Armed Forces. The Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy flashes are provided 100% Free. We will never charge for these flashes. The Flash Force team strongly believes in supporting the brave men and women of the US Armed Forces. The category also includes major US political parties.


There are nearly 700 flashes available now in Flash Force. We hope your favorite team is among them, but please expect hundreds, if not thousands, more to follow this year.

Patch 1.05 also includes significant performance improvements. Once again, we apologize for the additional effort these improvements involve on the part of the user. This new patch changes the way in which Flash Force accesses available Flashes – decreasing start, update, and load times. We want to provide the best user experience possible and understand that getting a Flash up and going, as quickly as possible, is key to participating in team spirit.

Finally, Patch 1.05 includes aesthetic enhancements. Apple has progressively included more and more emoticons into iOS. We are taking advantage of these improvements to display as many appropriate icons as possible. All National Teams, with a corresponding emoticon available in iOS, now proudly display the emoticon. We feel this improves the look and feel of the app but, more crucially, should help those navigating the app who may not use English as a primary language. We are anxiously awaiting a hockey stick emoticon!


We hope you enjoy Patch 1.05. Please, as always, if you have any thoughts or suggestions on current, or future, features – do not hesitate to drop us a line.


Keep Flashing,

The Flash Force Team