Every time I read something that starts with “there are two types of people”…I cringe, and then realize I really don’t have any creative openers.

You either watched the Super Bowl early last month, or I will pretend you watched the Super Bowl. I’ve been in both categories and the vast white expanse of a starting blog post reminds me of someone’s forehead.

I enjoyed the game, but, and here goes the unqualified sports pundit in me, I didn’t think it was great. I am impressed by Manning’s career, achievements, and marketing abilities (who isn’t?) but the “ultimate defense” approach doesn’t always provide the most entertaining game play.

We want March to be better…as in, obviously not better than a major event watched by 100m people, but memorable and special…

Here at Flash Force our theme is “marching in March.” This is a big month. I won’t make any promises, beyond a strong written hint published here for the world to see, but the Android version should be live on the Play Store this month.

Android Flash Force is currently in internal beta testing (that means I have something you don’t and I feel special). We are proud of the app. Compatibility is good. The app should work out of the box on as new as 6.0, and as far back as 4.0 2.3 compatibility may come soon for legacy devices.

The Android version is actually faster, and quicker to reach the Heartbeat, on our Nexus 5 test devices than on the iPhone 6S. This is impressive given the 2+ year hardware gap.

Android’s functionality and feature set is the same. Everyone receives one completely free Flash (in addition to other seasonal and special event free Flashes). All of the same teams and events are included, and Android devices flash in time with their iOS brethren…as if, by magic.

We were active on Instagram and Twitter during the Super Bowl, including cooking up several…flashy…animations. You are welcome to follow us on Twitter and Instagram under the username @flashforceapp or you can find us on Facebook.

Speaking of social media, increased interaction with our users is a big part of our marching orders this month. We want to hear what you have to say! Seriously, I won’t get upset for more than a few minutes…and the blogs couldn’t get any lamer, so it’s not like I have a reasonable place to vent. Please, we want to hear your feedback. We are excited, we hope you are excited, and let’s make this a great month.
Keep Flashing