We want Flash Force to be the ultimate tool at sporting and social events (we say “want” but of course we already believe and really want you to agree). Flash Force should have as few barriers to great social interaction as possible.

Enter…The Heartbeat.

The Heartbeat is our special term for the engine that ties flashes together. We’re going to pretend that the workings behind the Heartbeat are some forged-in-darkness secret, and that much like Heinz 57, or Coca Cola, no one of us knows the complete recipe! All I can say, being just a friendly blogger, is the Heartbeat is important.

Each Flash, assuming you are connected to the internet, or have recently, is designed to beat in-time. There should be, or at least we hope, no upper limit to the system. We hope…just like a certain truck brand I conveniently can’t remember the name of…that the beat goes on forever. Like the Macho Man said: “The Beat Goes On!”

Seriously, that’s how it’s supposed to work. We imagine, in our infinite humility and limited vision, vast seas of fans joined together, all waving their phones in perfect colorized unison.

Imagine it! (Imagine me standing next to you, in a non-creepy way with one arm around your shoulder and my other hand making grand sweeping motions at a 45 degree angle). Whole legions of fans could create massive walls of beautiful color, all timed and synchronized by the heartbeat. Say a team’s colors are crimson and gold. This giant wall, in its splendor, could turn crimson, then gold, then crimson again, then…you get the point.

The Heartbeat makes all this possible.

Of course, as much as we talk to it, the Heartbeat is just a machine. It can keep any number of phones, at any size sporting event, all in sync. We depend on a different type of heartbeat, however, to really get things going – yours.

We’re counting on FlashForce users to get in the spirit, and in the moment, and embrace this new social experience. Whip out your smart device, select your team, post it high, and form a mighty force. We’re counting on you – as your biggest fans.
Keep Flashing