We’re guilty as charged…OR, THEY ARE. That’s right development team. I’m looking at you. I’m just the blog guy, chained up in the basement, watching my last few Chargers games (I wouldn’t drive to LA if I was dying of thirst and they had the last case of water).

No, but seriously, this is 2016. Let’s all take responsibility. Readers, if you want to take a little, just to…you know…lighten the load…that would be even better.

We don’t have an Android version of Flash Force…yet. Currently the App is only available through the iTunes App Store. This is all by design, but not desire.

You see, this is all very important to us. There are a lot of other apps, in a lot of other categories, where we might not feel the same way. I’m not going to name any names (Geological modeling, Fashion designer), but the point is Flash Force and social events are something we, the designers, are personally passionate about.

That means things take time, no matter how badly we wish they didn’t – and we don’t even wish that! We understand, here in 2k16 Great Year of Adult Responsibility, that anything worth doing takes time.

I’m not going to blame the long, arduous, hair pulling iTunes Connect Process to get your app approved – really I’m not. I’m not because I know everyone here at Flash Force only wants to create something that is built the highest standard. Sports, and attending sporting events with friends, are things we genuinely enjoy – we don’t want to introduce mediocrity into this environment.

So, Android is coming. The more tech savvy among you are probably scratching your heads…wondering why we didn’t use a platform to develop for both simultaneously or simply convert the Apple build. Well, that didn’t fly in this house. We want something great. We want the Heartbeat to work flawlessly, and for our many millions of friends in the developing world: we want older versions of Android to work. I’m looking at you, 4.0, and maybe even 2.3.

We want everyone, everywhere, who has a team, a will, and a way to be able to participate. Besides, it’s not just sports at stake here. We want high school and college students, concert goers, and many more to be able to join together with Flash Force. That will take an Android version that simply works.

That’s what we’re looking for.

Keep Flashing