We love sports, but we don’t love $20-50 merchandise – you know…the foam fingers and all that. Flash Force is positive though so let’s keep it that way; we love sports, and more than we dislike expensive fan gear, we love small sports. By small I don’t mean slot car racing and goldfish betting (although those are both great), but local sports.

The Flash Force team, just like any group bound by an idea, sometimes disagree – not pots-and-pans-throwing, walkout type disagreements, but the talk-it-out sort. We try to keep it civilized…for sports fans. We each like and dislike different sports. Some of us love basketball, and others soccer, but we all love supporting local teams.

That’s somewhat of a novel idea…isn’t it? A lost cause? There’s a ton of buzz about local bands, eatouts, being a foodie and all that. I don’t hear much talk, at least here in California, about getting out to local sports games. I know in the Midwest it can be a big deal – high school football and the like – and we want that spirit everywhere.

We want to design a product that lets anyone, on any scale, cheer for their home team. It doesn’t matter if your team is some multi-million, franchise topping, news headlining juggernaut, or your high school basketball squad. We want to create a product that can expand…grow…morph into something for everyone. We want a Flash Force with room for enough teams to satisfy everyone. That way you can, at your option, skip the $50 fan gear (or accessorize it if that’s your thing).

More importantly, we want a product for people who don’t have access to the expensive fan gear. I don’t just mean people who can’t afford it, but people who root for teams, squads, and clubs that just don’t have fan gear! These are grassroots teams, local squads, and even budding national efforts that maintain that hometown feeling – no expensive jerseys, no unreachable tickets, just real fans there on the sidelines. We want Flash Force for these people.

We want a Flash Force that is available around the world, to fans of every team. We hope whether your team is big or small, whether you like football or hockey, whether you’re going high school, college, or pro, that Flash Force can be available. We want a cheer, in your colors, shining bright and in-time for the world to see.

We know not every team is available, at least not yet, but be assured we’re working – every spare moment we have. We want to be right there with you, at the big games and small, with our favorite teams beating in time with, or against, your best.


Keep Flashing,
FF Team