Thank you for visiting our site. Just writing that feels unauthentic. Not because I don’t mean it…because I do in a way you will never understand (unless you are also a hopeless passionate indie developer). I mean that everyone says it, like “welcome aboard when you hop on a commercial flight” or any number of practiced greetings at bars and restaurants.

We at Flash Force want to come across better than that. We really appreciate if you downloaded our product, and nothing would mean more to us than feedback. We won’t even get mad if its negative! (Well, one of us will, but he’s just that way). This App means a lot to us, and so does your participation and interaction.

We know not every league, team, or school is in the App. We know for two reasons – we are hearing about it, and we ourselves have more favorites to add. Unfortunately, we also have to respect others favorites, and can’t just add one team from a given league!

As of right now, you will find the following teams and leagues in the market release of Flash Force:

  • American Pro Baseball including Home, Away, and Alternate outfit colors
  • American Pro Football including Home, Away, and Alternate/Throwback colors
  • North American Hockey including Home and Away colors
  • American Pro Basketball including Home colors
  • National Soccer teams including National colors
  • German League-play soccer clubs including Home colors
  • Argentinian League-play soccer clubs including Home colors
  • Spanish League-play soccer clubs including Home colors
  • Italian League-play soccer clubs including Home colors
  • Limited Southern California high schools

We are working on more teams. We know you want to see your favorites – and it would be our favorite to see you hoist them high. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing a group of dedicated fans hold their team colors up, all beating in sync. It really is a thing of beauty.

Really though, in as much seriousness as can be associated with a phone app meant to be fun, we are working hard. We are typing, designing, and programming as fast as our little (and big) fingers can take us.

Here are some teams, leagues, and features we expect to implement in Q1 2016:

  • NCAA teams – colors should work for Football, Basketball, Swimming, and more
  • More California high schools – this is our home market, so it’s where we’ll have to start
  • Additional club soccer teams
  • More Women’s Professional teams in North America – these are especially important to us!
  • More Free Flashes including National events, holidays, and causes

We feel special when someone emails us, so if you have a special team or league you would like added, the best way to achieve that would be to exploit our stated weaknesses. We love flattery, and a little goes a long way. We are also, somewhat begrudgingly, willing to accept there may be issues with existing flashes or team colors. Please do not hesitate to send these along! We really appreciate any feedback.
Keep Flashing